Fuck, I´m in the Netherlands!

So yeah I visited Holland! On Saturday we took a train to Rotterdam to see the Rotterdam Erasmus uni in case I applied for their course. We strolled around the city for a while, went to a vintage shop, sat in cafes. Yep. The streets were empty which surprised me since it was Saturday but then again the weather was pretty terrible :D I loved every part of it, especially the Cube Houses!!:D Oh yeah and our brother decided to meet us in the city too. I cant even remember the last time us three were on a trip, together and without our parents. Bliss. He even gave us a ride to Amsterdam the next morning AND to the airport in the evening. Dreams DO come true lol. We couldn’t do much walking because a) it was heavily pouring with rain and b) I was sick. But hey, at least we have an excuse to visit next time and take more photos of bitterballen and prostitutes and bikers who are just too much.  

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Über waiting. See what I did there?:---------)

Tonys Garage Sale vintage shop


He sabotaged my photo.

Fuck, he turned around. Run. RUN!!!!!

We aslmost got caught by a ticket inspector because we didnt buy tickets. Where in Rotterdam do you buy god damn tickets????????????????? :-----------)


Show me how much you love Amsterdam!

This one lightbulb that caught my attention

My sister trying to be fancy and cute at the same time ue ue uee

That one time we went to red light district by a mistake hahaha

Wheres di Caprio when you need him the most?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I like shiny smooth surfaces

My sister would love to get a funky (mainly pink) bike as a wedding gift. Yes pls.


  1. Nejenže jsou to úžasná fotky s nádherným prostředím, ale ty tvoje komentáře k tomu nemají chybu. :D

  2. Jo, tak ta fotka, jak se tam otočil jeden ten chlap je neuvěřitelná <3