New Year's

Me, Jonáš, Milka, Adam and Adam

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these photos. I forgot my memory card at home so I couldn't take any photos with my camera. Luckily I can use my friends' photos so enjoy. 

Spending time with these people was so damn good. I bet you can tell.

Me, Albert, Adam, Jonáš, Matěj, Josefine

Delicious Eliška and sexy me

Nutella be so goooooood

Milena and her horse Adam. Exploring 

A walk to remember

Laciný děvky

Pimp and his bitch

MILENO!!!! KŮŇ!!!!!!!!!!!

S club

Hue hue hue

Om nom nom

Jonas da explora

White russian and Robert Smith

Greco-Roman wrestling

Who am I?

The crew

Credits go to Natalie, Eliška, Josefine and Milka. Dankeschön meine Prinzessinnen

Go check Natalie's instagram: @nataliehendrych

And Eliška's instagram: @eliprali

And Milena's instagram: @milenacernakova

And Josefine's instagram: @josefinecook

And her blog

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