41/52 - "Housewarming Party"

Summer's almost gone, and I've done absolutely nothing for school. My extended essay is a total scam, havent started on that personal statement yet, but hey at least I have some photos for you. I had a chance to visit my sister in London for a week, and I obviously went to see her. Seeing my friends I met on courses and being away from parents? Dream come true. Hmm turns out my London friends were off to vacations. Thanks. In the end, I enjoyed it so much I think I'll go by myself every time I go visit her. I took so many photos I will have to write more than one post. 

Editing: Lightroom 4

P.s. Binge-watching the Office. Jim and Pam? AAAW 

Best cider ive ever had in my life. Pls why u no seel dis in cz

Making Pimms

Fancy party lamp that makes you think youre on lsd

I made these. Ate these on my own as well :C

The morning after the housewarming party. not me

Why should i be bothered to cut out the traffic light

london west bank gallery

brunch. not me again



my sister + diabetes 2

teddy bear

my sister and flowers. hue hue hue hue hueeee.

There you go. Almost showed you my first two days. Ba dum tss.


  1. Nice pictures, London is so beautiful! <3

  2. Z tej lampy by ma po čase bolela hlava. :D

  3. beautiful pictures :) oh and london is just fantastic!

  4. amazing pictures! the lamp is really nice! beautiful light and colors!

  5. I do not know if comment in Czech or in English. I hope English isn't so bad. I like your little happinesses in the photos. When I saw them I said: OMG, I wanna go to England. Now! And I wanna it all food. ^_^

  6. I like.. no I love your way of capturing beautiful moments. and feelings.
    And I kinda hate you for making me wanna leave home again. London looks great!