5/52 - "Sky Full of Stars"

Editing: Lightroom 4

The pinkish streak is the light my phone emitted while i was waiting for the camera to make the shot. I like it, kind of. Kitsch?  Yes. While I was waiting, I could hear wild pigs squealing in the forest. Just to let you know where I live... Yep. Bye 

In the bottom right corner is a falling star. Wish something.


  1. Ta druhá!!! Achjo, fakt krásný!

  2. Oh i like those pictures! And the music you have on you player. Excactly the kind of music i love to hear!
    How long was the exposure time on the second picture?
    Greetings :)

  3. oh no that's pretty sad, this kind of sunsets are one of the most beautiful things in life :(
    love your blog and the pictures, wow!

  4. so beautiful, I love watching the night sky. I wish I had a better view from my window!

  5. niečo
    n e s k u t o č n é !

  6. wow it's beautiful!! I love it!