I Say Disco You Say Party!

Hey ho! today is a bit different because I'm writing an article and that's definitely not my style! I want to warn you that it‘s gonna be written entirely in English, so everybody can understand. Plus, sorry for my grammar mistakes:D

I want to tell you about my house party which took place this Saturday. Only 6 people came including my sweetheart Vaci. Surprise surprise she's my volleyball teammate and I think  you know her because she’s fucking talented and beautiful and everything:D

Well so there’s actually nothing to talk about, because all I want to show you are some funny photos. But basically we were sitting around table, talking, drinking and playing that stupid meme alcohol game. My two boy friends went to play billiards (yes, we do have billiards:D) and rest of us stayed. Party hard as fuck. One thing is for sure: dat fakin game is infinite. If we had drunk normal shots of vodka, we would have been dead probably:D Instead, we drank “cocktails” but it was boring anyway. Then, my dear friends, was time for Omegle (something like chatroulette). You have no idea how hilarious it is. Lots of naked penises and vaginas tarnished my innocent childhood! No I’m’ kidding, I’ve seen a lot worse. Those people are really stupid. So if you are reading this and you are the one who contributes to the omegle community by showing your pretty Va-Jay-Jay and Wee Wee, please stop because there’s always someone who’s gonna laugh at you or worse finds that out. Afterwards we (me) drank some shots of vodka and absinth liquor so everything became a bit blurry. I remember watching fortune-teller cunt and dumb Thomas and Friends. Yaaay. Also some lying on the ground, taking a shower, fighting my friend, stretching my legs in a weird way etc… Then we went to sleep at six o’clock, then I woke up and puked. Well yes, congratulations to me. Rest of the day was awesome, just awesome. We ate delicious breakfast, my friends went home and I spent the rest of the day cleaning my house from spilled drinks and popcorn crumbs. But I loved that, truly loved that.

Here are some photos: